Common Side effects of applying egg on hair!

side effects of applying egg on hair

Side effects of applying egg on hair are common. People have used egg yolks for hundreds of years to enhance their hair’s appearance. In addition, there are just a few potential side effects related to applying egg yolks to the hair. Eggs are frequently used in a wide variety of hair masks, either on their … Read more

Do abortions hurt-Know how to deal with the discomfort!

do abortions hurt

Abortions are surgical operations that can be carried out to terminate a pregnancy that has already begun. Even though the process could result in some unpleasant side effects, such as pain or cramps, it usually is possible to treat these difficulties with medicine. In addition, we investigate some techniques that can be utilized to lessen … Read more

Does Adderall cause hair loss, and are there other side effects?

does adderall cause hair loss

Does Adderall cause hair loss? A lack of sleep, which may contribute to hair loss, may be caused by prolonged usage of the stimulant Adderall. Both amphetamine and dextroamphetamine are classified as stimulants, and the combination of the two is referred to as Adderall. The FDA has approved it, but many physicians continue to prescribe … Read more