Every Fact you need to know about Virgen de Guadalupe tattoo!

virgen de guadalupe tattoo

Virgen de Guadalupe tattoos were a form of artistic protest following the Chicano Movement of the 1960s, and Chicana artists throughout history have used murals, painting, photography, and other mediums to investigate and challenge canonical notions of Mexican-American culture while also displaying powerful feminism. As a result of the movement, Chicanas and Chicanos experienced a … Read more

Every Fact You Need to Know about White tip acrylic nails!

white tip acrylic nails

White tip acrylic nails are natural fingernail extensions applied for aesthetic purposes and are variously called enhancements. While some designs for fake nails strive to achieve a realistic appearance, others purposefully deviate from reality to convey a sense of distinctiveness. You must perform routine maintenance on your artificial nails if you want them to retain … Read more