Erica Moser Sykes Instagram and all information you need to know!

Erica Moser Sykes Instagram followers are 37.8K, and Erica Moser Sykes Instagram following is 632. Erica Moser is well-known for her contributions to the video-sharing website YouTube, where she operates a business known as Inspired Candle shop. She immediately became more prominent in the entertainment sector when she began a relationship with Rick Skyes, who was already well-known in the field.

Erica Moser came into the world on November 5th, 1996. Her formative years were spent in Springfield, Illinois, located in the Midwest. Erica always takes advantage of every opportunity to tell her followers on social media how much she appreciates and loves her parents. She only has one sibling, a brother who was in the Recruit Training Command of the United States Navy. In this article, we will discuss Erica Moser Sykes’s Instagram in detail.

Who is Erica Moser?

Erica Moser, a social media star born and raised in Springfield, Illinois, is dating a multimillionaire over seven decades her senior. She continued by stating that the two were “just following one other for maybe a year or so and just seeing each other’s images and like anything, and we never actually chatted.

Erica Moser participated in high jump competitions in school. In addition to that, she spent a year working in the equine industry as a trainer. After that, she worked as a real estate agent at Coldwell Banker from June 2017 to 2018 before leaving the company.


She worked as a real estate agent at Keller Williams Realty, Inc., a photographer at Moser Photography for Thayer Jewelers, and a content creator on Youtube. Rick Skyes, who is worth millions of dollars, is Erica Moder’s boyfriend.  Regarding mindless reality television, the series “Marrying Millions” on Lifetime has been the only one that has been able to keep our attention to the same degree as it has.

This program covers couples in whom one spouse has an extraordinary amount of wealth, but the second partner has less money than the first partner. In the current season of the reality program Marrying Millions, which is now in its second season, a new inter-wealthy couple has been presented.

Age gap relationships:

Erica Moser, 23, and Rick Sykes, 69, whose most significant challenge — at least according to the show — is their age gap of more than 40 years. The young woman, who is 23 years old, reveals on her YouTube channel that she has been enjoying “age gap relationships” for a time now and that she finds dating someone older or younger than her to be “less dramatic and non-problematic.” She even describes dating an ex-boyfriend whose three grown children were older than Erica at the time of their relationship. After Rick and Erica had established a connection with one another, he invited the beautiful blonde to “come to live with me on my boat.

She was correct in her first views, which were that this idea was “an odd thing to give someone you don’t even know,” as the stunning beauty had initially assumed. Ultimately, she consented to Rick’s demand that she go to Miami Beach and live on his boat there. After gathering all of her belongings, she departed the house.

Is Rick still dating Erica?

The most challenging obstacle Rick and Erica have to surmount throughout Marrying Millions is posed by the star’s father, who, for brevity, will be described as not being very enthusiastic about the possibility that his daughter would date someone older than he is. Erica can express her understanding by saying, “I can’t blame my dad for not being delighted or for not being supportive.” “Even in his wildest thoughts, he could never have imagined that his lovely little newborn daughter would one day see someone far older than he was.

Erica claims that she “truly blames him” for the fact that the pair continues to be romantically involved even though her father has not yet been “OK” or “comfortable” with the situation. This is despite Erica’s father not approving of or being “comfortable” with the situation. When questioned about her father’s concerns about appearing on the show, she responded, “My dad is pretty apprehensive, and he’s quite scared about how it’s going to affect his regular life.

Net worth:

The age difference between the two partners was forty-five. The net worth of Rick Sykes is close to 10 million dollars. Her father predicted that the age difference would be a challenge for her regarding her life experiences, goals, and aspirations in the years to come. The first time they met was via a social networking site, and it did not take long before Rick invited Erica to switch watches with him on his boat.

Participating in the program:

Her father will be participating in the program shortly. The request for her father to appear on the broadcast had been granted.

However, the relationship between the father and daughter has remained the same in recent years. Things are going much better for Erica about her other elderly guy, as she and Rick are still going strong and are keeping fans updated on their newfound celebrity from the show Marrying Millions.

Erica Moser Sykes Instagram account:

Additionally, Erica may be on social media platforms, including Erica Moser Sykes’s Instagram, under the account @erica35mm. Erica Moser Sykes’s Instagram accounts, and Erica also has channels on TikTok and YouTube that she updates often. Erica Moser Sykes Instagram followers are 37.8K, and Erica Moser Sykes Instagram following is 632.

One of Erica’s followers commented that she had “noticed that there are no pictures of Rick on Erica Moser to which Erica responded, “He’s basically in every YouTube video, 3/4 of my TikToks, and on a program, haha.” Everyone is aware that we are in this together. It’s good to have ONE site that isn’t overrun with hateful remarks.


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